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Video monitoring

A COUPLE of years ago you could have been excused for wondering whether a swing from dialler-based monitoring services to IP comms might unhinge the monitoring industry. Many worried that the dollar-a-day with rebates equation would be overtaken by free comms running over the public Internet and serviced by a new generation of ISP ‘backyarders’.

It’s now obvious these fears were unfounded. Far from being weakened, providers are using the power of IP communications to significantly enhance the services they can provide their customers. Even more importantly, as Internet services and IP communications improve, the products and services monitoring companies are able to offer their customers is likely to be even further enhanced.  

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Video Control Room

VIDEO monitoring of secure premises by third party monitoring stations is not new in Australia but while it has been employed overseas with huge success, such services have never gained the traction they’ve deserved locally.

Now Melbourne-based VideoControlRoom believes it has come up with the perfect formula for video monitoring of alarm events. That system is a combination of hardware installed at a customer’s site that’s linked to a remote monitoring station, with alarm events driven by a combination of VMD and/or alarm sensor activation.

You’d expect a company that’s prepared to devote a significant amount of time and money to developing a boutique service like this to have some serious self belief. VideoControlRoom’s Michael Brown has that self belief and he’s bold enough to annunciate some of the questions every thinking security person has considered in relation to the response end of the Australian alarm monitoring model.

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Monitoring makes up 75 per cent of global home security revenues

Titled Home Systems: Home Security Update, the report finds the number of monitored security households intending to cancel their service is only 4 to 8 percent. While the cancellations are higher than normal due to the economic recession, the report warns that the resilience of this service category will attract new competitors.

“Traditional security providers must anticipate communications and entertainment service providers will introduce their own home monitoring systems,” says Tricia Parks, CEO, Parks Associates. “There have already been announcements in Canada and Europe for home monitoring using security as a primary application. It is reasonable to presume carriers will do the same in the U.S.”

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Suretek scores ISO 9001:2000 certification

Suretek has shown a high priority to ensuring the company’s processes, standards, systems and personnel meet the international benchmark for quality. Although product based certification is of importance, Suretek believe it gives clients confidence to know that every product or service produced by Suretek is done so to the highest of international standards.

Suretek are proud to stand alone as the only independently ISO 9001:2000 certified company for its market. “As a leading service provider for the electronic security industry, Suretek is committed to continuous improvement and providing products and services that surpass our client’s expectations”, said Luke Kavanagh, Suretek general manager, “Suretek is intensely focused on providing the best, highest quality products and solutions for our clients and their businesses.”

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Year of the Cat

“Apart from the massive disruption it will cause on many fronts to both end users and security professionals this may ultimately be the trigger that finally drags the industry kicking and screaming into the Twenty First century”


WHILE each of the providers SE&N spoke to about the future of monitoring technology was influenced by the sort of monitoring solutions they supplied, it’s clear that IP, wireless and hardwired, and almost certainly a combination or a duplicity of both, will be the choice of future monitoring systems.

According to Suretyek’s Luke Kavanagh, the closure of the Securitel service in Australia will allow for advancement of monitoring in the Australia security industry. Kavanagh believes that while Securitel served a great purpose, it is time for IP to take centre stage.

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