With a front-loading cable management system, all cabling runs are neatly labeled on the patch panels for easy outlet identification. Furthermore ConcoursePRO offers service and output flexibility. End-users determine the services and the outlets they want throughout their homes. Changing the service configuration is as simple as moving the input plug and/or outlet patches in the easily accessed front-loading system. The ConcoursePro series of cabinets features rigid construction and is capable of housing security systems and front-loading cable management components for an uncluttered look with strong aesthetic appeal. • System enclosures and covers are made from heavy-gauge, powder-coated steel. The connectivity is manufactured by AMP NETCONNECT, a worldwide leader in commercial structured cabling. • All professional cable terminations are made on the back plane of the patch panels, allowing for a clean, unobstructed area in the front where the end-user can configure the system.