The surveillance solutions will complement the SyncSeer system, an intelligent, technology infrastructure and information management system comprised of hardware and software for companies in the entertainment, retail, health-care, government and education marketplaces.  Tyco Electronics’ SyncSeer system, the result of an alliance with Versatile Systems Inc., is a modular software product that allows enterprises to derive more business value from new and existing TCP/IP-based facilities and business systems, the company says.  The SyncSeer system capitalizes on the rapid expansion of IP systems being deployed in building systems. By correlating data from previously autonomous solutions, the SyncSeer system returns a higher level of understanding of the complex relationships between these systems while managing the decision process from a single interface, the company says.  “Panasonic is pleased to be part of this innovative security solution that leverages the proven performance of our i-Pro Series of video surveillance products designed specifically for advanced networking applications,” says Frank DeFina, president of Panasonic System Solutions Company.  “We believe the SyncSeer system complements our vision for IP-based systems on the enterprise level and look forward to working with Tyco Electronics and Versatile Systems to achieve shared business objectives.”  To help take advantage of the reach and efficiency of digital IP networks, Panasonic i-Pro Series products can be easily incorporated into new and existing installations, DeFina says.  The flexibility allows users to utilize existing LANs, WANs, virtual private networks or the Internet to monitor remote locations, without installing standalone video networks.