The new Pick-a-Point Icon Digital Matrix
solution from integrator BBV is now fully integrated with the latest range
of DV-IP products, including the HighVu Excel, DV-IP Server, Decoder, RT and
HD. The Pick-a-Point Icon also has HDMI interfaces as standard allowing high
definition video to be displayed on associated video walls.

Pick-A-Point Icon is able to replicate
the simplicity of operation associated with a traditional analogue matrix by
allowing control of multiple video servers without the need for thousands of
metres of cabling. It also offers the potential to build scalable video walls –
including HD displays – that allow cameras from any number of monitored sites
to be viewed simultaneously.

From the start, Pick-A-Point Icon has
been designed to be intuitive for operators, providing an environment they are
already familiar with, which greatly simplifies and speeds up image retrieval.

Operators can simply select cameras
using Pick-A-Point Icon’s revised GUI (Graphical User Interface). Multiple map
screens and highly detailed map images allow operators to select a camera
on-screen without having to know which digital video recorder the camera is
linked to.

Unlike many virtual matrix solutions,
that are dependent on a PC to record, view or playback video, Pick-A-Point is a
standalone hardware based workstation which eliminates reliability and training
issues associated with PC based systems.

Distributor: Dedicated Micros Australia