“Another new
feature of the Q24M is the panorama correction. In just seconds, the user can
independently fine-tune the live image in the panorama image generated by the

MOBOTIX says with
the Q24M hemispheric camera, even 3.1 megapixel camera images can now be
transferred at a rate of up to 20 frames per second and megapixel images at a
rate of up to 30 frames per second. In addition to a 3.1 megapixel colour
sensor, the hemispheric camera also includes an internal DVR (digital video
recorder) with a maximum memory capacity of 32 GB.

The DVR is based
on Flash memory technology for improved reliability and extended service life.
The combination of a high-resolution sensor, hemispheric lens and internal DVR
allow you to view an entire room with just one Q24M camera and save the images
in the camera as a high-resolution video sequence.

This year the
MOBOTIX Hemispheric Camera was also given an honourable mention at the Red Dot
Design Awards, one of the most renowned and competitive international design
competitions. This was the first time that a security and surveillance camera
received the award for its particularly exceptional detailed solution. Over
3,200 products from 49 countries took part in the competition.

The new Q24M hemispheric
camera is available either as a basic or secure model. The Q24M Secure comes
with a 4 GB MicroSD card that can record about 50,000 panorama images or
four hours of video. Like its predecessor, the Q22M hemispheric model, the Q24M
includes an integrated distortion correction feature. This feature allows the
perspective distortion of the image data to be corrected either in real time or
during a subsequent search.

The correction of
the lens distortion automatically provides the viewer with an image that
appears natural. Another new feature of the Q24M is the panorama correction. In
just seconds, the user can independently fine-tune the live image in the
panorama image generated by the camera.

The full image
can optionally be saved for later research purposes: While you closely analyze
image sections in the live image using the virtual, digital pan/tilt/zoom
feature (PTZ), the camera continues to run in the background and record the
entire room internally as a full image.

The camera can be
connected via a network cable and there’s a mini USB connector is available for
extension modules such as the ExtIO. The connector cables are connected
directly to the back of the camera using specially sealed plug-in connectors,
which have also been developed by Mobotix. Like all Mobotix cameras, the new
Q24M has no moving parts and achieves therefore a very long service life with
minimum maintenance.

Thanks to its
compact design, the camera can be discreetly integrated into any environment.
The weatherproof housing allows the camera to be used outdoors in temperatures
from -30 to +60C. Despite the powerful processor, the average power consumption
of the Q24M with activated MicroSD card recording is low at 4.5 watts.

The extensive
range of camera accessories includes various mounting sets for multiple
installation options (in-ceiling mounting, on-wall, on-wall at 10?, vandalism
set, as well as wall, corner and pole mounts).

At Security 2009,
Mobotix sales director Asia Pacific, Graham Wheeler, told SE&N’s John Adams
his feet still hadn’t touched the ground the day after the award was announced.

“After all our
efforts, this is our vindication,” he said. “It’s great news for Mobotix.”