“We want to build
the brand up to where it should be with the analogue range,” Thompson says. “This
product is at the quality end of the market and it fits perfectly with our current
range which includes our volume OEM CCTV range, the Samsung line-up for
excellent features and great value and now Sony at the top end.

“For us Sony is a
strategic long term partner for us we’ll also be supporting the Sony IP range
moving forward and Sony IPELA really fits in perfectly with our current product
spread,” Thompson explains.

“I’m not saying
this because I’m going to be selling Sony but if I was not I’d be panicking,”
he says. “When I walked onto their stand at ISE Sony’s HD stuff was the best
quality at the show – the 16:9 HD PTZ that comes out in 6 months or so – that
was the best quality CCTV image I’ve ever seen. It was absolutely stunning.”

Picking up Sony
is not the only win for QVS this month. Taking on the distribution of DSC is an
interesting move for QVS because it broadens the company’s product spread
significantly. DSC’s range certainly ranks among the top 3 in the world for
functionality and innovation.

“DSC’s products
are comparable with Bosch, NX and Ness,” says Thompson. “The range is as good as
the competition in some ways and better in others and we think we are the
perfect vehicle to bring that range to market.

“From our
perspective, if you want to take some of the Bosch, DAS or Ness alarm business
then the product needs to be supported by a company that competes with those

“That’s where QVS
comes in – we’ve got the momentum, we’ve got the video business, we’ve got 650
people a day buying our video surveillance gear,” says Thompson.

“These installers
then drive somewhere else to buy their alarm panels and on the basis of that
alone we can take DSC to the next level. The DSC wireless range is simply
sensational and we are really looking forward to growing the QVS alarm business
in 2009 – we’re going to go big on DSC this year.”