In a news
release, the AMCA says is an association, which has been created by
enthusiastic industry participants and is run by its members for its members.
The AMCA will be working to increase awareness of licensing, legislation and
regulations for the Electronic Security Industry.

“The AMCA is
creating an environment where all members have an equal opportunity and input
to enhance the industry that they are passionate about,” says the release.

“Every member is
encouraged to contribute through regular state based branch meetings, where
their voice will be heard and all member contributions will be treated equally.

“The AMCA is
focused on Electronic Security Industry legislation and standards and has forged
a partnership with SCI-QUAL International, an internationally recognised
independent Certification body, to provide industry leading Monitoring Centre

A partnership of
such quality and independence is something that has never been offered before
in the Electronic Security Industry and is a sign of the AMCA’s commitment to
remain independent and act only in its member’s best interests.”

the AMCA has applications pending and in progress to become a recognised
industry organisation in both NSW and Victoria. Approval will be sought in
other states, when required.

The AMCA says it
offers a fresh alternative to existing associations and one that encourages
member input at all levels. Further to this, a dedicated web-based forum has
been created where all members are encouraged to contribute, create discussion
topics and provide assistance and advice for mutual benefit.

To promote the
launch of the AMCA, the first state branch meeting will be held in Victoria on
the 23rd of June 2009. The association invites security industry participants
to attend and contribute to the electronic security industry through the AMCA.
You can visit the AMCA website at