The new cameras
will combine Pelco’s imaging technology with Cisco’s IP networking
capabilities. These cameras will be sold globally by Cisco Authorized
Technology Providers and are currently projected to be available at the end of

conducting an extensive evaluation of current technologies, we found that Pelco
has developed one of the most advanced IP HD imaging systems in the global
security marketplace,” says Bill Stuntz, general manager and vice
president of the Cisco’s physical security unit. “When this product has
been provided, we can take advantage of our expertise to deliver best-in-class
solutions for customers.”

Pelco will
initially supply Cisco with a complete line of HD imaging technologies that
will be used to extend Cisco’s existing camera line and network-centric video
surveillance systems. Cameras co-branded by Cisco and Pelco will feature the
functionality of Sarix technology, including full-frame-rate video (30 fps),
H.264 compression, advanced low-light performance, embedded analytics, auto
focus, and easy installation. As joint development proceeds, IP networking
features will be embedded into the co-branded cameras.

excited to work closely with Cisco to combine their deep understanding of IP
networks with Pelco’s industry-leading Sarix technology to drive innovative HD
IP camera development for the global security market,” says Dean Meyer,
Pelco’s president and chief executive.

“Our shared
commitment to our customers and proven success in working together will allow
us to deliver new features and capabilities that meet the needs of today’s
safety and security professionals.”