According general
manager, Brad Waugh, ISE will now be known as the Security Providers
Association of Australia, or SPAAL, a move that better reflects the
association’s fast growing membership.

“SPAAL has a
40-year history of supporting the security industry in Australia and the
association is fully committed to maintaining its focus on member services,”
said Waugh. “We now have a new constitution and are looking to grow.

“As part of this
focus we provide a national representation for our 900 members, we have a
strong focus on education and growing our members’ businesses and we are
committed to competitive membership rates,” he said.

“We will be
working with members in a number of ways to support their businesses, including
through education and adding value to our regular meetings through networking
opportunities and a strong focus on business issues.”

Waugh said SPAAL
offered a unique service to member organisations.

“We are fully
accredited nationally, we have history that dates back to the 1960’s – we are
no newcomer. Combined with the strength of these core qualities we have a focus
on our members that no other association can match.”