The new open
standard accommodates the adoption of HD video formats by both surveillance
equipment manufacturers and security service providers. HDcctv Alliance members
have begun introducing HDcctv-compliant products displaying the HDcctv logo.

According to the
alliance, the specification defines the requirements for a flexible system and
apparatus capable of creating, transporting, distributing, recording and
displaying HD video and metadata. A scalable digital interface with support for
external box-to-box digital interfaces is defined with optional audio, metadata
and data capability for broad application for video surveillance devices.

“HDcctv is
perhaps the first new product category in 10 years to be introduced into the
surveillance industry, a new way to provide high resolution on selected cameras
on the premises while preserving the existing CCTV system architecture” says
Todd Rockoff, chair of HDcctv Alliance.

In an
HDcctv-based system, HDTV signals are transmitted digitally over conventional
CCTV media without packetization or any perceivable compression latency,
according to the alliance.