Benefits of the
TS0099 include improved performance, easier installation, and lower cost than
the TS0898, ensuring IP connectivity to management software or a central
monitoring station that allows the Challenger system to be configured and
managed remotely as well as locally, has never been more affordable.

Providing IP
connectivity to the Challenger V8 panel allows significant savings in cabling
by using existing IT infrastructure, and can avoid the cost of site visits via
remote management of the Challenger system. The lower cost TS0099 also provides
new features that include integrated firewall protection, auto-sensing 100
Mbps/10 Mbps network speed and field upgradeable firmware. Using event-driven
mode instead of polled mode keeps the network bandwidth requirements to a

The TS0099 plugs
directly onto the Challenger TS0816 motherboard and utilises 128-bit encryption
for high security. The TS0099 has an RJ-45 port for Ethernet connection and a
serial printer interface for local printing of alarm and access control events,
either in real time or as an event history report at any time.

In the event of
an IP communication failure, the Challenger panel can automatically use its
onboard PSTN dialler as a backup device to report alarm events.

The TS0099 is
available now from Direct Alarm Supplies – a Hills Company.