THE Concept LAN
over Ethernet Interface (CLOE) provides a new convenient option for all Concept
RS485-based LAN modules to be connected over standard TCP/IP Ethernet networks.

Compatible with
its complete range of Security, Access Control & User Interface modules,
CLOE introduces a vast array of installation possibilities for the Concept
System. Now standard Ethernet network architecture including LAN’s, WAN’s,
Wireless LAN’s, VPN’s, Intranet and even the Internet can be used to interface
RS485 LAN modules back to the Concept 4000 central controller.

CLOE employs a
master to slave style architecture and can scale from a single master to slave
pair, through to multiple masters and multiple slaves within the one network.
This allows separate RS485 LAN segments and Ethernet LAN segments to coexist
within one overall system.

The CLOE system
uses TCP/IP protocol with a combination of static and dynamic addressing
provisions. All data is encrypted with 128bit AES encryption and security is
maintained in all segments of the LAN providing alarms for network outages or
module substitution conditions.

The CLOE’s
Ethernet port also provides electrical isolation between RS485 LAN segments
Ethernet LAN Segments giving the added benefit of electrical isolation.

Central Security Distribution