Product Features
include H.264 and high picture quality, 16 video inputs and 4 audio inputs, as
well as data-via-coax for PTZ control (WJ-HD616 first 8 inputs, WJ-HD716 all 16
inputs). The WJ-HD716 records @ 400ips field, 200ips frame, while the WJ-HD616
records @ 200ips field, 100ips frame.

Other features
include 2x Multiscreen monitor outputs both supporting HDMI, 1080i, cascading
up to 5x WJHD716/616’s using the WV-CU650 keyboard controller, and Raid 5 or
Raid 6 recording (with optionalRaid card S43288). Up to 4 hard drives can be
fitted to the WJHD616/716, while a further 27 hard drives can be fitted using
the optional WJ-HDE400 hard drive extension unit.

User can employ
the SD5Link to record and search using the SD5 camera analytics and it’s also
possible to search using parameters like object removal, direction, object left
behind, loitering and scene change.

There’s also a
built-in optional DVD Drive (S43229), real-time live display [email protected] The
WJ-HD716 Panasonic Real-time Digital Video recorder (S77310) and WJ-HD616
Panasonic Standard Digital Video recorder (S76444) are available from your local
Pacific Communications and Direct Alarm Supplies branches.

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