Lead by Frank
DeFina, senior vice president of sales and marketing, North America, Samsung
Techwin America, Vision 2010 will establish Samsung as a comprehensive supplier
of security systems. This means the company will supply video surveillance,
access control, intrusion detection and alarm systems.

In support of
this initiative, Samsung is displaying numerous new products, including a new
series of 1.3 megapixel IP cameras with WiseNet digital signal processing, a
new series of H.264 DVRs in models offering four to 16 channels, a new series
of high-performance analog cameras with the W5 chipset, and a new series of UTP
cameras and accessories.

Also on display
was the SGR-A1 operator-controlled 5.56-millimeter robotic machine gun that can
track and shoot multiple moving targets up to 2 miles away using IR and
visible-light cameras.

Designed for
border security along the 38th Parallel, the unit leant weight to
the company’s push for diversification.