THE move will see
9,000 cameras installed across more than 2,000 buses in Spain’s capital city,
as chosen by The Municipal Transport Company of Madrid. It follows a tender won
by a consortium formed by Spanish IT and security companies Grupo Etra, Iecise
and Plettac, that presented a project based on Axis network cameras and video

The surveillance
system includes high resolution real time recording and monitoring, and also
features a panic button which is connected to EMT’s central alarm station.  Cameras have
already been installed in 400 buses, and it is expected that all the
vehicles will support the technology by the end of this year, a spokesman from
Axis Communications said.

 “Axis has supplied cameras that are robust,
easy to install and compact, yet also deliver high resolution images and
include vibration resistance and tampering alarms,” the spokesman said.

“Each bus will
include three M3113-R network cameras and one Q7401 video encoder. The cameras
support SVGA resolution, which provides enough detail to make it possible to
identify people, or objects.

“The cameras also
offer H.264 and motion Jpg compression formats. H.264 compression optimizes
bandwidth use, critical for 3G mobile communications, and storage requirements
by considerably reducing the binary speed.

“The cameras also
support standard PoE and can be integrated with other devices and security