Built from high
quality server components, the GeViStore-IP is extremely failure resistant with
a redundant power supply and integral hot-swap level 5 RAID for the 14 TByte
video database. The unit records 800 images per second and streams 800 images
per second simultaneously.

It has virtual
matrix functionality for analog, IP, standard CCD and megapixel cameras and
processes up to 1600 pictures per second for display on a separate display
computer in full D1 resolution. This is a performance achieved by running
Geutebruck’s GeViScope video management system on latest server hardware
components under the Windows 2008 Server operating system, yet the GeViStore-IP
is small enough to fit in two 19” rack units, and this efficient use of
hardware, space and energy keeps operating costs small too.

The GeViStore-IP
has a hardware surveillance function to enable easy diagnosis of any
malfunctions. And besides two 1GBit Ethernet ports, it also has a special
administration network port which supports remote server management to BIOS
level through a standard web browser. – Thus avoiding travel delays and
ensuring that problems can get immediate expert attention.

Geutebruck Australia