Examples of
information that can be captured include using Hi-O include device cycle counters, high and low
voltage signals, failure to lock messages & sabotage monitoring.

The TS0864
provides a gateway between a Challenger 4-door controller and the ASSA ABLOY
Hi-O door network. The Hi-O (Highly Intelligent Opening) system connects
electronic door components together over a CAN (Controller Area Network) data
network, allowing them to communicate and monitor the health of the door’s
opening. Intelligence is built into each Hi-O door device, creating a highly
secure plug and play system.

The TS0864 adds a
single Hi-O door to an four-door controller and is polled as a RAS (Remote
Arming Station). Up to 4 TS0864 can be connected to a single 4 Door controller.
A 4-door controller can support up to 4 doors of any combination of
conventional or Hi-O doors on its local LAN.


* Forcefield
management software reports Hi-O based alarms and diagnostic trouble codes.

* One connection to
the TS0864 links all Hi-O devices around the door straight onto the Challenger
Door Controller LAN

* Encrypted
communications around Hi-O door devices on the Hi-O CAN.

* Onboard inputs
and outputs for non-Hi-O based devices such as local door alarm annunciation
devices or additional door contacts. (Hi-O lock may include built-in door

* Plug ‘n’ play
feature means door devices immediately begin working together when connected on
the Hi-O network. (In Hi-O Installation mode)

* Challenger
readers or keypads can be conveniently terminated at the same location as Hi-O

* Can be mounted
within TS0866/TS0867 or in optional TS1647 enclosure with tamper protection.

* Easy
troubleshooting from Hi-O Diagnostics Manager

* Programmed as a
Challenger four-door controller’s intelligent door

* USB connectivity for
easy firmware upgrade via installer laptop.