MotionViewer combines a PIR, camera and illuminators into a self-powered device
that can be instantly mounted anywhere security is needed. The panel
communicates alarms to the Central Monitoring Station over the cell network
using GSM (2-way voice) and GPRS (10 second video of the intrusion).

verification and Voice Verification included on a single system — all for a similar
price as a blind burglar alarm makes the XL the next generation alarm system
for the domestic to commercial markets. The VIDEOFIED XL
literally needs no wires or cables, not even power to the panel. The VIDEOFIED XL
combats escalating false alarm costs and provides a fast and efficient wireless
installation that eliminates mess and unforeseen costs.

Due to the four
year battery power of the VIDEOFIED XL and devices, mobile and portable
security applications also include non powered sites such as vehicular, boats,
rental and remote assets. VIDEOFIED XL will enable police to again give
priority response to a domestic alarm activation and catch burglars in the act,
putting the old inefficient non video verified alarm technologies back in the
past. Outdoor IP65 rated wireless  MotionViewers are
also compatible with the New Videofied XL panel.


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