Distributed in
Australia by QVS, the product is built to simultaneously record video in real
time across all its four channels, the SVR-470 also has a built-in 3.5” LCD

According to
Samsung, the product is likely to prove popular with end-users who require a
CCTV system with only a small number of cameras but who expect to be able to
record and store high quality images.

The SVR-470 has a
1TB on-board storage capacity with a USB terminal to facilitate the transfer of
video evidence. Other features on the SVR-470 include a fourteen language on
screen display menu, 10/100 base-T network interface capability and ATM-POS
text saving options. It also supports RS-232C and RS-485 controls as well as
multi-protocol PTZ control.

Samsung said: “Audio recording across all four
channels is possible with the option to enable an audio detection feature so
that sound is only recorded when triggered by an alarm event or when detected
above a specified level.”