system with Intelligent Access Control provides advanced access control
functionality (door control) for more than 65,000 users per system. It can
also report alarms and access events to anywhere in the world thanks to GE’s
Forcefield management software. But it can’t tell if a door’s lock is worn out.

A Hi-O system
works on a smaller, but vital, scale. Hi-O uses an encrypted CAN (Controller
Area Network) to link intelligent readers, locks, openers, and other devices.
The Hi-O system self-configures new devices on the CAN and provides
an extensive range of information about the ongoing health of these
devices. And now, thanks to the TS0864 Hi-O to Challenger Gateway, these two
intelligent systems are connected.

The TS0864 is an
interface board that provides a gateway between the Challenger system and ASSA
ABLOY’s Hi-O network. Hi-O technology brings to Challenger a lower overall
maintenance cost of door environments by providing advanced diagnostic
information. Rather than waiting for a fault to happen, devices can report
specific information, predict the fault before it occurs and send out system
warnings to Forcefield management software.

A TS0864 module
is seen by the Challenger system as one of its 48 intelligent doors, and is
programmed by the installer as such. Each of the Challenger’s 12 possible
four-door controllers can have up to four TS0864 modules. The TS0864
module has a Hi-O CAN port by which it connects to a Hi-O door and other
devices associated with the Hi-O door. It also has a Wiegand port for
connecting to a Wiegand reader, if desired.

This connection
provides the Hi-O door with the advanced access control functionality and
reporting features of the Challenger system, and it provides the Challenger
system with doors that are easily and securely installed, with less cabling,
and with exceptional health monitoring and diagnostic capabilities. A
Forcefield operator in Perth can tell if a door opener in Hobart should be
serviced before it has problems.

Hi-OTM (Highly
Intelligent Opening) is a new concept for electronic door solutions being led
by ASSA ABLOY where devices such as electric strikes, proximity readers and
door openers are connected through a 4-wire cable – two wires for power and two
for data communication. When connected, the devices automatically exchange and
share encrypted information as part of a Plug-and-Play network, significantly
simplifying and reducing the costs of installation, service and upgrade.

GE Security’s
newly developed Hi-O interface plugs directly onto the Challenger Door
Controller LAN and was demonstrated to security consultants and potential
customers at the Porsche Centre in Melbourne during a recent launch of Hi-O
solutions developed by ASSA ABLOY.

With one simple
connection, all Hi-O devices around the door are linked onto the Challenger
Door Controller LAN whilst Hi-O alarms are detected by GE Security’s Forcefield
management software. As a result of the development, non Hi-O devices such as
Challenger remote arming stations (RAS) can be conveniently terminated at the
same location as Hi-O devices. 

Adding new door
devices to a Challenger system has never been easier. Just plug in to the
four wire Hi-O cable, which uses non proprietary Controller Area Network (CAN)
technology, and the new modules introduce themselves into the system as part of
a Plug-and-Play network.

Maintenance of
Hi-O devices is supported by built in diagnostics in each and every device
instead of being centralised in one dedicated logic unit. Early reporting of
out-of-tolerance conditions or failure of a device together with details of the
model number, serial number and other details allows replacement of the
affected device to be quickly and conveniently undertaken.