The first fault
tolerant architecture system has been designed to provide redundant processing
of its system software, LiNC-NET and its fault tolerant controllers.

High reliability
and security is sustained through a built-in self-healing process upon either
critical hardware or communications failure. The system capacities are
unlimited and with 24-digit card number support, it easily meets current FIPS
201 and future high security card requirements.

“We utilized the
latest technologies and processes to provide the most reliable system in the
world. It’s a revolutionary product. It’s the first system where a hardware
failure will not degrade operations or the security of the system”, said Mas
Kosaka, President and CEO of PCSC.

The next
generation System products are developed with performance enhancements
increasing security and reliability. This fault tolerant system combines the
use of automatic communication routing, unlimited capacities and tandem
processing, yielding a self-healing and real-time dynamic network architecture.

At the same time
its controllers are guaranteed to outperform competitors and boast a cost
effective implementation.

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