The DVTel iSOC
manages a mix of IP fixed and PTZ cameras monitoring upwards of 40 locations
total in the four cities. In each city, video is monitored by police to improve
travel flow and enhance safety, but also to monitor traffic movement around the
cities in order to respond quickly to terrorist or related threats.

The Delhi project
is managed by New Delhi city police, while the other three locations’ city
surveillance programs fall under the Uttrakhand State Traffic Police. The DVTel
system is highly effective, particularly during festivals, when the entire city
takes to the roads in celebration, and for when VIPs are on the move in any of
the cities.

The Delhi
installation is the older of the four projects and the other three cities owe
their inspiration for their projects from city officials visiting Delhi to
observe that surveillance program in action. Video surveillance in India is
experiencing strong growth, due mainly to perceptions of heightened terrorism

The DVTel iSOC
was deployed for all four locations based on the recommendations of the trusted
integrator partners as well as the demonstrated iSOC system performance first
in Delhi and then in Dehradun, the capital city of Uttrakhand state.

“This is a great
partnership with Optimum Tech Solutions,” said Inderjit Sehrawat, DVTel Indian
country manager. “Together, we’ve built on the success of one project on to the
next and now we are installed in several major cities in India. Our success to
date and the performance of the DVTel iSOC is motivating increased interest by
Indian government officials, and we are currently in discussions for other,
potentially larger, projects.”

intelligent Security Operations Center (iSOC) V6 is an open platform management
system which includes a growing family of DVTel modules including Latitude
Network Video Management System, Scenetracker Situational Awareness and
Adaptive Visualisation Technology (AVT), CaseBuilder Incident Reporting and
management Software, Longitude IP Access Control and Mentor Agent Recording and
Training Software.

DVTel’s iSOC V6 offers high definition quality combined with real time, multi-compression
standard support of H.264 and MPEG4. According to DVTel, iSOC is the only open
standards, IP-based security management system that combines video, audio,
data, access control, sensors, trend analysis and alarm management
functionality in a single enterprise physical security centre.

The key to DVTEL
iSOC V6 is the system’s dynamic workstation which combines a range of modules
for the most flexible and powerful operation possible. The iSOC V6 dynamic
workspace allows specific users within the organization to tailor their own
security operation center to their specific objectives and allow immediate
intelligent action while reacting to a threat or situation.

The many modules
available within the iSOC create what DVTel describes as ‘a virtual reality for
everything the security professional needs in a physical security solution’.

Importantly, with
DVTEL iSOC Version 6 it’s possible to access the system’s intuitiveness to
manage and automate different tasks, use the rules-based engine to run multiple
analyses and create various reports.