It employs an
innovative and unique Super Ethernet scheme instead of traditionally used DSL
technology. DSL technology is designed for data transmission over low grade
wires and the inherent redundant data transmission scheme for error correction
significantly reduces effective data rate as distance increases.

Product features
include new Super Ethernet transmission technology Up to 1,600m coaxial cable
for 10Base T, Up to 700m coaxial cable for 100Base T, East to install, no IP
setup, Small footprint, Dual power: 12Vdc or 24Vac input, Low power: 150mA,
Transparent Ethernet link and Transient immunity.

include upgrade analogue CCTV to IP CCTV using existing coax cable and
extending existing IP networks. The Vi2401 and the full Vigitron range is
available from your Pacific Communications and Direct Alarm Supplies branch.

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