There are a total
of eleven models in the SCP true day/night speed dome series, four of which
offer 43x optical zoom, four with 25x optical zoom and there are also three
compact models with 12x optical zoom.

There is a choice
of internal and external versions, with the top of the range models featuring
Wide Dynamic Range, which compensates for backlight problems 160 times more
effectively than standard BLC, according to Samsung, as well as an in-built
scheduler which allows the pre-programming of up to six separate timed actions
each day.

A statement from
Samsung said: “The functionality built into the A1 DSP chipset also includes
progressive scan, which provides a much higher quality of video capture –
especially of moving objects.

“The well defined
horizontal lines makes it possible, for example, to read car number plates on
moving vehicles without the motion blur effect.

“Other features
include Picture on Picture, RS-485 control and 12 definable four-point
polygonal privacy zones to provide more accurate privacy masking than
conventional rectangular masking.”

Other features of
the SCP range include:

• Intelligent
Video Analytics (IVA) capability, with Appear/Disappear function which can
detect the movement of objects. IVA also has an object tracking which follows a
moving object within its target area.

• Auto-sensing
Coaxial (Samsung-E) & RS-485 telemetry allowing an installer to easily
choose between the two methods of control.

• Motion Adaptive
DNR which removes noise and greatly reduces motion blur.

• Polygonal
Privacy zones allow for a more intelligent way of blanking out sensitive areas
so that only the required areas are hidden.

• Digital Image
Stabilisation technology automatically detects even the smallest of camera
shakes and then automatically corrects it.

• Multi-Language
on-screen menu including English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish,
Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.