This server is a
combination of Intel hardware with high quality components and Geutebruck’s own
GeViScope high end video management system complete with diagnostic reports,
status information etc. and support for an extremely complex virtual

This is a high
redundancy server but without the usual hardware duplication. Instead,
Geutebruck generates multiple virtual servers on the same hardware. Being
software-based these don’t take up physical space, don’t require much power or

The resulting
unit is not only compact, completely modular, fully scaleable and highly
adaptable but very economical to run. Its energy consumption is 30-40 per cent
lower than comparable conventional systems and its total cost of ownership is
less too. 

As you would
expect for a high end, high availability system, power supplies, fans, RAID
controllers, Ethernet switches and hard disks can all be hot swapped without
affecting operation. More information at