Milestone is
hereby the first video management software product to support the newest models
in the Bosch 200 Series of IP cameras. Both companies support the ONVIF
standard with officially launched offerings.

ONVIF is an open
industry forum for the development of a global standard for the interface of
IP-based physical security products. Incorporated as a non-profit entity in
late 2008, the ONVIF specification is being developed to ensure
interoperability between IP products regardless of manufacturer through a
specification that defines a common protocol for the exchange of information
between network video devices including automatic device discovery, video
streaming and intelligence metadata.

“Milestone and
Bosch have worked very closely together to use the latest ONVIF specifications
to achieve this plug-and-play integration of our products,” says Rudolf Spielberger,
Alliance Manager for Bosch Security Systems GmbH.

“Milestone is therefore
the first VMS to support the Bosch NBC-200 IP cameras based on the ONVIF
standard. Our companies will continue to collaborate to support our product
portfolios with many exciting new features already planned for later this