Bosch NBC-455 Dinion IP

BOSCH will show its new NBC-455 Dinion IP Cameras at Security 2010. The cameras have 1/3-inch color CCDs with progressive scan, are tri-streaming, with Dual H.264 and M-JPEG simultaneously, are ONVIF conformant and have auto lens detection including a Lens Wizard. Dinion IP cameras offer intelligence at the edge via built-in video motion detection with additional processing power for video content analysis systems. To simplify installation, automatic lens detection and easy OSD installation procedures are provided. Dinion IP cameras include picture enhancement features such as NightSense for low light scenes and Autoblack for low contrast scenes.Supported by the award-winning Dinion digital imaging technology, they provide a proven, dependable solution for many security and surveillance requirements.Distributor: Bosch Security Systems Contact: 61 2 9672 1777 Stand: D30

Bosch AutoDome Easy II IP

NEW at Security 2010 is the Bosch IP AutoDome Easy II, with a choice of standard, including high-performance H.264 and JPEG, and high-quality H.264 compression at 4CIF/D1 and CIF resolutions. Tri-streaming generates three independent IP video streams (simultaneous H.264 dual streams and JPEG streaming). The camera is ONVIF compliant, has embedded Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) eliminates dedicated PCs and associated software maintenance (optional) and has a durable vandal-resistant housing and bubble.AutoDome Easy II is compact for discrete surveillance and improved aesthetics in indoor and outdoor applications, has high-speed 360-degree continuous pan, and high resolution/sensitivity with 530TVL color camera, with 120x zoom (10x optical, 12x digital).AutoDome Easy II IP is a rugged, extremely compact, and easy to install PTZ camera system which incorporates many features typically only found in traditional high-speed dome cameras. This discrete, high-speed dome camera has been specifically designed to deliver uncompromised functionality and performance at a very affordable price for indoor and outdoor applications.Distributor: Bosch Security Systems Contact: 61 2 9672 1777 Stand:

Divar 700 Series H.264

 BOSCH will show the Divar 700 Series H.264 digital video recorders at Security 2010. Featuring fully-automated device discovery and assignment, built-in set-up wizards and an embedded design, system installation for the new series is 50 percent faster than traditional PC-based video recording solutions.The 700 Series Hybrid Recorder, formerly called Divar XF, is designed for applications using a mix of analog and IP cameras. A powerful and scalable video management solution, it supports up to 16 analog cameras and 16 IP cameras. For end users with dedicated IP video applications, the 700 Series Network Recorder is an all-in-one IP video management solution containing everything to store and manage surveillance video in a single, easy-to-install box. This Network Recorder supports up to 32 H.264 IP cameras.Both devices allow management of IP camera profiles and features, such as motion detection. The recorders’ embedded design coupled with efficient H.264 compression technology lowers the cost of ownership by reducing software maintenance requirements and decreasing storage utilization by up to 30 percent. Customers have a variety of flexible options for storing recorded video. There can be four internal hard disk drives, with available RAID-4 technology. Text data can also be integrated with the video recorded by the 700 Series. Distributor: Bosch Security Systems Contact: 61 2 9672 1777 Stand:

Bosch Access Professional

ACCESS Professional Edition gives you the ability to customize your system beyond access control requirements while keeping your investment costs under control. Up to five cameras per door can be used providing better situational awareness to immediately identify threats or tailgating. If an alarm is received at a door, such as exceeded door open time allowed or unauthorized credential presented, an image will immediately be displayed from the corresponding location in the operator screen. Intrusion detection systems connected to the system’s access controller level can be easily armed and disarmed using an appropriately authorized access credential and a corresponding PIN code. There are also customizable operator functions and additional cardholder privileges. Up to 16 operators with individual privileges can be simultaneously logged in performing different tasks.Distributor: Bosch Security Systems Contact: 61 2 9672 1777 Stand:

GBO – Infinity Lens

GBO’S innovative Infinity Lens is a breakthrough in pure optics, putting much more of the picture in focus than possible with conventional (standard or megapixel resolution) lenses. The Infinity lens is ideal for use with Analogue, IP, megapixel box and mini dome cameras. The Infinity Lens has extreme telephoto to wide – angle capabilities and more depth of field in low light conditions than other lenses, making it ideal for high value security work and surveillance such as speed and red light cameras and for precision and high value security installations.   Distributor: Pacific CommunicationsContact: +61 3 9676 0222 Stand: C2

DVTel’s V6.1 Platform

DVTel Version 6.1 includes many additions and improvements to the Latitude platform, further enhancing DVTel’s domination in the market. Many of the new features in version 6.1 are focused on reducing deployment, maintenance and operation costs. Other features increase the user benefits in terms of enhanced security and monitoring possibilities, improved situational awareness and increased flexibility. Some of these features include support of the Windows 7 & Server 2008, web publishing – integration with common streaming servers (MMS and VLC), SNMP traps support and Background Mass Export. There’s a Google maps TM mapping service integration module, an Advanced Alarm Management, an Enhanced Web Client and an IPad App coming soon.Distributor: Pacific CommunicationsContact: +61 3 9676 0222 Stand: C2

Panasonic iPro-Smart HD

PANASONIC’S reinforced IP product lineup under the new concept, ‘i-PRO SmartHD’ includes the latest range of HD Fixed dome network cameras and networking cameras. These cameras include the newly developed 1.3 Megapixel high sensitivity MOS Sensor. The Multiple H.264 (High profile) streams and JPEG streams ensure simultaneous real time monitoring and high resolution recording by “UniPhier”, Panasonic’s proprietary System LSI platform. The camera’s Wide Dynamic Range and ABS (Adaptive Black Stretch) technologies deliver wider dynamic range compared with conventional cameras. This exciting new range of cameras incorporates many more exciting features.  Distributor: Pacific CommunicationsContact: +61 3 9676 0222 Stand: C2

Flir Systems – PT-Series thermal security cameras

FLIR Systems PT-Series thermal security cameras provide clear vision in total darkness and in bad weather. The PT-Series precision pan/tilt mechanism gives operators accurate pointing control while providing fully programmable scan patterns, radar slew-to-cue, and slew-to-alarm functionality. Fully enabled for control and operation over digital and serial networks, the PT-Series thermal cameras are available in 160 × 120, 320 × 240, and high-resolution 640 × 480 formats, providing up to sixteen times the image clarity and longer threat detection range performance than lower resolution thermal cameras. Multi-sensor configurations also include a day/night 36× zoom colour CCD camera on the same pan/tilt package.Distributor: Pacific CommunicationsContact: +61 3 9676 0222 Stand: C2

Security Commander

SECURITY Commander is a powerful new Windows management software platform for the market leading Challenger security system by UTC Fire & Security. It’s a highly scalable multi-operator, multi-panel, multi-site, multi-tenancy application. It has a client-server architecture and is built on an open SQL database with Windows 7 workstations.Managing your Challenger system has never been more intuitive and user friendly with simple to use menu system and control from graphical map display of your building. Security Commander features complete Challenger panel management, alarm monitoring, video integration, access control badge/user management, system device monitoring, full featured event log and comprehensive reports including a new time and attendance feature. It even supports integration to 3rd Party payroll systems via an XML based API.If you haven’t seen Security Commander then you haven’t seen what’s possible with your existing Challenger system. Security Commander will be available through Direct Alarm Supplies late 2010. Stay tuned for more information on this hot new product.Distributor: Direct Alarm SuppliesContact: +61 2 9717 5222 Stand: C2

Unicom Intercom

Innovation, elegance and functionality are the foundations of the new Unicom intercom range. Fabricated with exquisite designs to encase the fusion of leading edge technology, the Unicom range is set to redefine the standard in intercommunications.The Unicom range caters to standard installations along with offering an IP solution to suit and complement any environment. By incorporating digital compression technology, Unicom ensures users can experience high quality images and sound whilst communicating with visitors. Stylish hands-free devices embrace a 7inch LCD screen as well as digital LEDdisplays. When the Unicom handset is not in use, it can intelligently display photos from the users SD card, perfectly complementing and blending with most décors. Keep an eye out for the new Unicom intercom range, exclusively, at your local Direct Alarm Supplies branch. Experience the future of intercommunications with Unicom.Distributor: Direct Alarm SuppliesContact: +61 2 9717 5222 Stand: C2

Telstra Secure on Next G

WHEN it comes to monitoring critically valuable business assets, whether it be an isolated outback shed or an asset in today’s busy cities, it is essentially important to be able to rely on a secure, dedicated and trusted network. With 99% coverage over 2 million sq. kms, utilising UMTS HSDPA 850MHz for stronger in-building penetration, Telstra Secure on Next G is what your business needs.Telstra Secure is a high-availability, private VPN running on the Telstra Next G network – Australia’s most trusted network, delivering the optimum levels of coverage, speed, and reliability your business needs. Impressive coverage levels and reliability of the Telstra Next G network allows businesses to retrieve signals in difficult and remote locations. If you’re interested in how Telstra Secure on Next G can improve your business, contact your local Direct Alarm Supplies branch today. Telstra Secure on Next G is the trusted network for more coverage in more places.Distributor: Direct Alarm SuppliesContact: +61 2 9717 5222 Stand: C2

Fargo DTC4500 Printer

AS the number one choice for efficient, high-capacity direct-to-card printing and encoding, the FARGO DTC4500 printer/encoder is the workhorse of HID Global’s FARGO Direct-to-Card Printer line. From loyalty cards to sophisticated access cards with embedded electronics, this high-volume printer delivers speed, power and versatility all in one.  The printer provides high-volume performance with high-capacity ribbon supplies and dual-input card hoppers for maximum card input capacity and management of multiple card types. The DTC4500’s highly versatile, modular design allows organizations to build upon their investment by adding field-upgradeable modules, such as dual-sided printing, technology card encoding and single- or dual-sided simultaneous lamination.Distributor: HIDContact: [email protected] Stand: D33

VertX V1000 Network Controller

THE HID VertX products provide a complete and fully featured hardware/firmware infrastructure for OEM access control software host systems, communicating via industry standard TCP/IP protocol, over 10/100 Mbps Ethernet or the Internet. The V1000 boasts a 32-bit RISC processor running the Linux Operating System. On-board flash memory allows program updates to be downloaded via the network. The V1000 connects up to 32 Door/Reader, Input Monitor, or Output Control Interfaces via two independent RS-485 networks, each network having two sets of input connections for optimum system topology. V1000 stores a complete access control and configuration database for up to 32 Reader Interfaces (up to 64 doors) and 44,000 cardholders with expansion capability up to 250,000 cardholders. This architecture minimizes the impact on corporate LANs by using only one TCP/IP address for every 32 interfaces, and by handling low-level transactions on the RS-485 network.Distributor: HIDContact: [email protected] Stand: D33

Inner Range – Intelligent 2-Door Access Module

THE Inner Range Concept 4000 Intelligent 2-Door Controller is now available. Building upon the highly successful Intelligent 4-Door Access Module, the modular architecture of the Intelligent 2-Door Access Module has been specifically designed to meet the highest levels of systemintegrity and redundancy planning. The Intelligent 2-Door Access module effectively combines offline stand-alone operation with enhanced feature design. Full support of the Advanced Concept access control features (soft/hard/timed anti-passback, dual user, card + PIN, free access via time-zones etc) is provided. Added advantages include more flexible modular design allowing for door and reader expansion up to 4 doors and 8 readers all in smaller chassis housing. This exciting new addition to the already powerful armoury of existing Inner Range products provides a truly scalable solution thatgrows with site demand.Distributers: Central Security Distribution: Contact: +61 3 9001 1900Inner Range Melbourne: Phone +61 3 9753 3488 Stand: D22

Inner Range – CCTV Integration to Genetec

INNER Range has released a new high level Insight software interface for Genetec Omnicast CCTV management systems. In addition to Insights already vast range of CCTV integration partners Gentech opens up enormous possibilities for a wide range of best in class cameras to be directly integrated into the Insight software environment.Key functions include the ability to view live and historical video directly in the Insight workspace, drag and drop cameras onto graphical floor plans, playback recorded video based on Insight event log time stamps and send commands to trigger events in the video management systemGenetec is truly one of the leading IP CCTV surveillance companies in the world, with over 600,000 camera licenses sold and deploying some of the largest IP camera installations in the world.Distributers:Central Security Distribution: Contact: +61 3 9001 1900Inner Range Melbourne: Contact: +61 3 9753 3488 Stand: D22

Inner Range – Multitone EkoTek Integration for Insight V5

INSIGHT Professional now integrates with EkoTek wireless lone worker, location tracking, personal security and paging systems. EkoTek is a unique new wireless solution, which uses the latest mesh technology to provide two-way communication between staff to improve emergency response through accurate location of alarm signals, designed to protect lone workers and employees. Integration into Insight Professional delivers further benefits were user movements can be tracked using Insight Tagboard, event based actions can be launched via Insight alarm handler and CCTV cameras can be displayed based on Eko Tek events.Ekotek is a revolutionary wireless location solution for lone worker and duress applications. Inner Range is the only enterprise security system to provide a high level interface to this award winning product.Other New Inner Range Products on show at Central Security Distribution Stand D22 include Insight Professional Version5, Paradox~Inner Range RF Module, Assa Abloy Aperio & Hi-O Integration modules, Inner Range Multipath IP and Concept LAN over Ethernet Module (CLOE).Distributers:Central Security Distribution: Contact: +61 3 9001 1900Inner Range Melbourne: Contact: +61 3 9753 3488 Stand: D22

Dallmeier VideoNetBox

WITH its ultra compact design, VideoNetBox can be mounted almost anywhere. It forms the core of your video system. Configuration, recording, transmission and evaluation – the VNB offers full functionality in the smallest housing. Through individual configuration options, you get exactly the VideoNetBox you need, one that is customised to your requirements. VNB is also suited for flexible temporary applications, for example at construction sites, undercover investigations etc. What’s more, VideoNetBox is based on the proven hardware concept from Dallmeier, which guarantees highest reliability and user-friendliness. Highlights of the VideoNetBox include entry-level devices from two channels onwards, configuration via network, VNB supports analogue and/or IP cameras, SDTV and HDTV. The unit is installation friendly thanks to numerous mounting variants, supports integration of analogue UTP cameras via CAT cable (with optional adapter), has integrated RS485 for camera control and there’s PRemote for smooth transmission of images, splits etc, with bandwidths as low as 64 kbps. Distributor: C.R. Kennedy Contact +61 2 9552 8334 Stand: C40

LE5016 real-time Hybrid DVR

THIS new flagship Hybrid DVR from LG electronics redefines price performance in its class with 25 frames per second D1 recording on all channels, optional IP camera inputs and H264 compression make this unbeatable value on today’s market.  Key features include 400 frames D1 resolution recording global, 25 frames per second D1 across all 16 channels, 2 channels are switchable to IP camera recording, H.264 compression for improved image quality and storage, and 4 internal SATA HDD storage bays.  The unit is compatible with 2TB HDD’s and has a built in DVD-R burner for convenient backup, ATM/POS interface built-in, 2-way audio, 3 USB ports plus e-SATA for additional storage and easy backup. The system ships with Web client v3.0 CMS software, an IR remote control, mouse, rack mounting kit included and a 3-year warranty. Distributor: C.R.Kennedy Contact: +61 2 9552 8334 Stand: C40

Suretek RemoteGUARD

REMOTEGUARD is the next generation in surveillance monitoring. It is a quality and cost effective solution for sites that require a normal level of surveillance and security. These sites include day-to-day video monitoring for buildings, factories, warehouses, and storefronts, but the system also offers a never-before-seen range of features, imagery and storage options to cater for sites that need complicated, tailored or high security back-to-base video surveillance, such as government buildings, banks, hospitals, schools, laboratories and many others.The RemoteGUARD solution was built on a foundation of quality surveillance hardware and network integrity for communication between the site and monitoring centre, which, together, provides the most innovative collection of surveillance options for a product of its kind.The RemoteGUARD system uses the MOBOTIX camera range, which is world renowned for its panoramic lense capabilities, image quality, physical hardiness and prevalence under harsh environmental conditions. Distributor: Suretek Contact: +61 2 8787 9865 Stand: A14

New Vivotek FD8133/4 IP dome

VIVOTEK FD8133(Wired)/FD8134(PoE) is an easy-to-use fixed dome network camera specifically designed for indoor security applications with a compact, stylish exterior. Equipped with a 1MP sensor enabling viewing resolution of 1280×800 at 30 fps, users need look no further for an all-in-one camera capable of capturing high quality, high resolution video.This camera supports the industry-standard H.264 compression technology, drastically reducing file sizes and conserving valuable network bandwidth.Also included are a number of advanced features which are standard for VIVOTEK cameras, including tamper detection, MicroSD/SDHC card slot, 802.3af compliant PoE(FD8134), and VIVOTEK’s 32-channel recording software. With all of these capabilities, the FD8133/34 prevents the best value in IP surveillance for indoor applications such as offices, banks, ATMs, and retail stores.Distributor: Altech Computers Contact: 61 2 8831 9999 Stand: G44

Altech distributing IP8332 from Vivotech

VIVOTEK IP8332 is a best-in-class, bullet-style network camera designed for diverse outdoor applications. Equipped with a 1MP sensor enabling viewing resolution of 1280×800 at a smooth 30 fps, the IP8332 is an all-in-one outdoor camera capable of capturing high quality and high resolution video.In order to adapt to constantly changing outdoor lighting conditions, the IP8332 features a removable IR-cut filter as well as IR illuminators effective up to 15M for superior image quality around the clock. For protection against harsh outdoor environments, the camera is encased in an IP66-rated housing and weather-proof casing to withstand rain and dust.The IP8332 supports the industry-standard H.264 compression technology, drastically reducing file sizes and conserving valuable network bandwidth. With H.264, MPEG-4, and MJPEG compatibility all included, multiple streams can be simultaneously transmitted in any of these formats at different resolutions, frame rates, and image qualities for versatile platforms. The streams can also be individually configured to meet different needs or bandwidth constraints, thereby further optimizing bandwidth and storage.Distributor: Altech Computers Contact: +61 2 8831 9999 Stand: G44

New P5532 PTZ network dome

AXIS P5532 PTZ Dome Network Camera is a pan/tilt/zoom camera with high-quality D1 video and 29x zoom for indoor surveillance applications. Together with an IP51-rated protection against dust and dripping water, AXIS P5532 is ideal for use in shops, airports, train stations and warehouses. AXIS P5532 delivers multiple, individually configurable H.264 and Motion JPEG video streams in full frame rate. AXIS P5532 can pan 360º with the Auto-flip functionality and is powered through High Power over Ethernet. Other features include day/night functionality, Advanced Gatekeeper, two-way audio, four configurable inputs/outputs and local storage with SD/SDHC memory card.Distributor: Axis Communications  Contact: +61 3 9221 6133  Stand: D14

5MP network camera from Axis

THE AXIS P1347 network camera is the top-of-the-line, 5-megapixel fixed network cameras with HDTV 1080p performance, precise iris control for optimal image clarity and H.264 compression. The indoor AXIS P1347 Network Camera and the outdoor-ready AXIS P1347-E model are suitable for use at airports, banks, shops, for city surveillance and any application that requires coverage of a large area or extremely high image detail. The cameras’ revolutionary P-Iris enables automatic and precise control of the iris position to optimize depth of field and lens resolution for optimal image sharpness. DC-iris lenses are also supported for backward compatibility. The day and night cameras deliver 5-megapixel resolution video at 12 frames per second. They also support 16:9, HDTV 1080p full frame rate video. The cameras provide digital pan/tilt/zoom and multi-view streaming, which enables several cropped view areas to be streamed simultaneously.  The cameras’ easy installation features include remote back focus for fine-tuning the focus from a computer, and pixel counter, which helps verify that the pixel resolution of an object fulfills regulatory or customer requirements for identification purposes.Distributor: Axis Communications  Contact: +61 3 9221 6133 Stand: D14

Avigilon Control Center 4.6 NVMS

A TRULY open network video platform, Avigilon Control Center 4.6 network video management software with High Definition Stream Management (HDSM) includes expanded support for third-party cameras including Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) certified cameras and analytics software from vendors including SightLogix and VideoIQ. With new features such as an enhanced audit trail, advanced HD video management, an expanded mapping interface, and streamlined alarm management capabilities, Avigilon Control Center 4.6 improves manageability of large multi-user surveillance systems.Designed from the ground up to intelligently manage HD video, Avigilon Control Center 4.6 software delivers a powerful and intuitive user interface that lets users efficiently evaluate and respond to events quickly and easily. With an enhanced feature-set, Avigilon Control Center 4.6 software ensures that the best evidence is preserved for full situational awareness and detail, leading to faster response times and greater investigative success. Avigilon Control Center earned the Frost & Sullivan Global Video Surveillance New Product Innovation of the Year award in 2010.Distributor: Avigilon Contact: + 61 7 3853 5393  Stand: H22

EV1000 Series Detectors from Aritech

THE Aritech EV1000 series detectors from UTC Fire and Security and distributed by Alarmcorp offer the most sophisticated optics in the security industry and are a direct replacement for the market leading Aritech EV125-P and EV425-P commercial sensors. The EV1000 series offer the best detection coverage and lowest false alarm immunity of any detector in its class. The new and improved step and gliding focus combined with full curtain optics provide superior accuracy, stability and under crawl protection. No manual sensitivity adjustment is needed meaning reduced installation time and fewer call backs.  New “5D” signal processing accurately differentiates signals such as slow moving intruders and reflected sunlight.The EV1000 series extends the range to include anti-masking variants. Patented active infrared anti-masking raises the bar by providing both internal and external protection from the widest variety of sabotage attempts including sprays, masks and lubricants as well as device penetration. The EV1000 series consists of 12 m and 16m variants with anti-masking models available.Distributor: Alarmcorp Contact: 1300 894 088 Stand: E2

Presidium Mini from Alarmcorp

XTRALIS Presidium Mini Earns Official Recognition as a Primary Detection System from the Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB) i-LIDS Project. The dual channel ADPRO Presidium Mini is the latest generation of video motion detection systems designed specifically for indoor/outdoor perimeter and area protection applications. With the focus on prevention rather than post-alarm analysis, the potential for loss to your property is greatly reduced. This certification means that government and other mission-critical security users can confidently implement the ADPRO Presidium Mini for an array of sterile zone monitoring applications, assured that the solution provides the highest level of detection accuracy even in the most challenging environments. When used in conjunction with the ADPRO PRO Series outdoor PIR detectors and/or an ADPRO FastTrace or V3100 Transmitter / Recorder,  the combination of technologies provides a truly pro-active security solution.Distributor: Alarmcorp Contact: 1300 894 088 Stand: E2

Genetec Security Centre 4.0

GENETEC’S Security Center is a unified security platform that seamlessly blends Genetec’s IP video surveillance, access control and license plate recognition systems, Omnicast, Synergis and AutoVu, within a single innovative solution. Developed with simplicity of operation in mind, the Security Center boasts a single unified interface, the Security Desk, designed to standardize operator workflows, increase productivity, and enhance decision making.  Realize Your New Comfort Zone. Take a few minutes to envision how the Security Center will transform your working environment. Imagine opening a single intuitive client application that you can customize to your specific operational needs. Picture working with a dynamically adaptive and a simple task-oriented interface that enhances your operational efficiency and your response to critical situations. Think about how empowered you will feel when you effortlessly manoeuvre through an aesthetically pleasing interface with all the tools you need right at the touch of your fingertips.Distributor: OPS Contact: +61 3 9646 9004 Stand: A19

Geutebruck and Cardax

TWO world leading products have joined forces to create a highly redundant, highly functional total security solution. This interface offers the user a complete singular solution with enhanced entry authentication, security alarm management, event management, OH&S and compliance/tracking. The two systems can stream vital information to ensure that all critical events and alarms are recorded and actioned from the one system. The operator simply uses the Cardax Command Centre as the main control – which then functionally provides faster and more efficient responses for high security establishments. This in turn reduces operational costs in relation to training, number of operational staff, alarm and event management.  This will also increase productivity with faster response to any incident that occurs.The integration between the two systems offers some of advanced key features: These include Bi-directional Alarm Management, Bi-directional Event Management, Bi-directional Tracking, Enhanced entry control for anti-pass back, tail gating, facial recognition and dual authority, enhanced external perimeter detection using Geutebruck’s world leading analytics and Cardax Command Centre Perimeter Fencing.To ensure that integration was developed to provide simple installation and integration, two interfaces were created. Interface one is the Cardax Viewer Interface, allowing very simple installation and providing operators with key video alarm and events into the Cardax Command Centre Alarm Manager.Interface two is the Cardax High Level Interface (HLI) providing high level bi-directional interface between the Geutebruck GeViScope Software and the Cardax Command Centre, offering boundless enhanced functionality as outlined above.Distributor: Geutebruck Contact: 1300 855 291 Stand: F30

Geutebruck health agent

GEUTEBRUCK has developed a sophisticated enterprise health agent for the managing of CCTV. The agent is designed to manage all aspect of large deployments including monitoring software/hardware, archive/storage retention, critical events/alarms and provides comprehensive reports on maintenance requirements past and present.This key software not only provides early warning of crucial and potentially crippling events such as hardware failures, system temperature alerts, and network failures. It wills also greatly enhance value add maintenance services from a clients and the clients contractor perspective providing accurate system information for future and present work requirements.Health Agent Key features include a dashboard, remote monitoring, configurable alerts and operators, site based configuration, adjustable client polling interval, historic logging and reports.Distributor: Geutebruck Contact: 1300 855 291 Stand: F30


LILIN launched the IP High Definition (HD Series) at Security 2010. The IPR31EMX is an Outdoor Day & Night HD Vandal Proof Vari-focal 25M IR IP Camera, 3~9mm/F1.2 lens, VF AI ICR lens, Panasonic 1/3-inch Maicovicon MOS up to 1.3 Megapixel, H.264/M-JPEG up to 30fps in HD720P resolutions.The cameras deliver multiple video streams, are PoE, IP66 and comply with ONVIF. Other models in the High Definition series include – IPR614 which is an IR bullet with 40M Range, IPR712 – is also an Outdoor Day & Night 25M Range IR Smaller Shaped Bullet. IPR414 – Larger 50M IR Varifocal HD Camera which also has 2 way audio and inbuilt SD Card Reader, IPD112 which is a varifocal indoor dome and the full body HD which is IPG012.Distributor: Merit LiLin Contact: 61 2 9646 4878 Stand: G29

Get into Tavcom training

TAVCOM is the UK’s leading security systems training company and has now opened in Australia. We offer a range of BTEC certified courses, at our network of Accredited Training Centres – including NSW. What do we do? We teach the correct way to select, install, operate and maintain CCTV, Network IP, Intruder Alarm, Access control and all other types of electronic security systems. We also offer a range of technical and non-technical courses in security related fields.Who do we teach? We teach installers, control room operators, managers, consultants, company executives, sales personnel and many others from the systems sector. We teach Central and Local Governments, Police and Armed Forces, the Correctional Services and all commercial organisations from sole traders to multinationals.How do we teach? Our system of lectures and “hands-on” practical training sessions provides our students with an effective and enjoyable learning experience.Distributor: Tavcom Contact: 1300 798 106 Stand: A36

See Crow’s new OLED keypad

CROW’S OLED codepad has a clearer Display Screen, user friendly [customisable] function buttons, lower power (current) consumption so there will be more current left for the system (especially if there are multiple OLED Codepads used on the system – the maximum number is 8). There’s a built-in spirit level which is part of the back housing to assist installers with perfect (horizontal) alignment when mounting and an easily mountable back plate. The powerful Runner 16 panel takes advantage of the latest comms technology to exploit a 4-wire unshielded communications buss that allows system modules and keypads to be added anywhere on the buss up to 100m from the main control panel. Importantly, the Buss can withstand temporary shorts of up to +12V without control panel damage and the system provides 350mA of 12VDC auxiliary power for alarm devices. The beauty of buss technology like this is the flexibility it gives installers. Once the panel is in place and the 4-wire loop positioned in a drop ceiling, techs can connect devices into it with a simple drop cable, expanding the installation as requirements change. Distributor: LSC Contact: + 61 3 9329 7222 Stand: C30

Schlage from Chase

CHASE Security is showing the Schlage RG-SXF1050 Mini Mullion Proximity Reader and the IRG-SXF1550 Wall Mount Proximity Reader at Security 2010. Schlage’s proximity technology offers your facility an easy and convenient access control solution. The Schlage proximity technology, which operates on 125 kHz frequency and has a 3-inch read range, is easily integrated into existing legacy proximity systems or ideal for a new installation. The SXF1050, SXF1550, and SXF2110P-K proximity readers are attractive, cost-effective and well suited for interior and exterior applications. These readers also have a sleek and attractive architectural styling. Proximity Readers by Schlage offer a visual indicator and audio feedback representing status and activity information which make access control simple for your users to understand. Proximity Readers by Schlage operate on a Wiegand interface and are compatible with all industry leading proximity credentials and are also completely ISO compliant. Schlage Proximity technology is also compatible with many of the other 125 kHz technologies offered in the market today.Distributor: Chase Security Contact: 1300 79 33 16 Stand: B32