Q: Is this a new
company or a division of FSH? Where are the branches/offices and who are the
people on the ground?

new company created by FSH to concentrate on the development and sale of RFID
systems for equipment maintenance and inspection applications. We have our head
office in Sydney and an office in Singapore currently investigating
opportunities in SE Asia.

Q: What is the
nature of the business? Will you be a niche distributor or are you developing

A: We are
essentially a development business in the area of Radio Frequency
Identification and its application in the maintenance and service industries.

Q: Could you
explain the scope of RFID from your business’ perspective?

A: To provide
services to clients based on maintaining performance, compliance and integrity
of equipment.

Q: Could you give
me some background of FSH’s RFIDAMS – what’s the history there? Who is behind
the company?

created by FSH following the identification of a need in the fire door industry
for a way to give clients the peace of mind that service personnel were in fact
maintaining the equipment they were contracted to maintain.

Development of
the RFID technology provided a proof of attendance and proof of product,
something barcode systems could not, and cannot, provide due to the ease of
replication of barcodes. This has since grown to incorporate all asset types
with solutions for equipment such as runway infield lighting and CCTV cameras.

broad range of products, which products will these be? Could you outline the

three main products. The design, development and of RFID Tags, the Chip it
don’t tip it service and the web based maintenance and inspection management

Q: Who will the customers
be? Will they be locksmiths, installers, integrators or end users?

A: Due to the
many advantages of the web based system, different benefits are applicable to
different sectors of the supply chain from the service contractor (automated
reporting, asset scheduling etc) through to the asset owner or end user (proof
of attendance, risk minimisation etc).

Q: What will set
the RFIDAMS business apart from other distributors in the market?

systems have entered a space which most if not all other systems have failed to
address. The simple fact of knowing that someone has gone to something and we
can see what it is they have done or, provide details of what we want done.

We provide a
proof of attendance, not just that a service technician attended site and signed
in, that the service technician actually went to each piece of equipment which
was required to be maintained or inspected.

Q: Where would
you like to see the RFIDAMS business in the medium term?

A: Our medium
term goal is educating the market to know there is an option out there to make
sure what you pay for is actually being done. For too long people have just
accepted that it is what it is and have just work around the fact that they
have a service technician signed in on site and that’s the best they can do to
ensure their equipment is being adequately inspected and maintained. Well not
any more, we have developed a system which takes accountability back to where
it should be, with the person doing the physical work.

Q: How important
are the FSH and the RFIDAMS businesses to each other in relation to this
venture? Will they work together to supply joint solutions?

A: The relationship between the two companies is
very close in that as a new developing business, RFIDAMS can use the network of
contacts and clients established through the exceptional FSH brand. FSH is a
brand synonymous with cutting edge technology such as our new and innovative
MEM lock range and in the same vein RFIDAMS is providing the market new and
innovative solutions to inherent problems which until now have just been
accepted as the norm.