TO solve the problem an innovative solution was developed to use a High Definition (HD) IP Camera to monitor the opening ceremony and web-cast live video and synchronised audio to over 600 computers around the school’s network, allowing every student to watch proceedings. Earlier this year, New Zealand’s Minister of Education officially opened Rangitoto College’s upgraded computer network during the school’s assembly. TorqueIP, the IT infrastructure solutions provider, who designed the system, wanted a high-profile way of demonstrating the capability of the network during the opening ceremony. They turned to IndigoVision and their local partner Active Security Services for the solution.This was all achieved with one week’s notice and without any network modification. Also no new software or expensive user licenses were required on the 600+ viewing PCs. It proved so successful the school now regularly uses the technology to broadcast whole-school assemblies.With the combination of IndigoVision’s compression and multicast network technology, the school is able to stream high-quality video and audio to all of the school’s 600+ PC’s with a maximum network load of 4Mbps at any location. Viewing in a web browser avoided the need to install and configure any software on each PC.The broadcasts are recorded using IndigoVision’s Windows Network Video Recorder (NVR) software onto a PC hard disk. A typical 1 hour assembly creates a 570Mb file, which can be exported in standard MP4 format for editing and web publishing or archiving. A PC running Control Center, IndigoVision’s Security Management Software, allows the staff to control the HD IP Camera through a third-party PTZ and configure the transmission and recording of the broadcast.The school now has an ideal platform on which to add IP Video security surveillance in the future. High-quality CCTV cameras can be rapidly installed across the school’s multiple buildings, with minimal load on the network bandwidth.