The products and services pacing growth in the access control market — particularly because these technologies utilize IP-based infrastructure — are software as a service (SaaS), Web-based access control and electronic cylinder locks, according to market analyst Blake Kozak.Web-based access control can be connected to the Internet for remote configuration or through an intranet for standalone access control. In an attempt to make access control easier and more affordable for smaller businesses, the market continues to see an influx of SaaS and Web-based access control systems, according to the research firm. Both approaches share similarities in that they are scalable and can reduce or eliminate costs associated with PC-based systems.However, Web-based access control systems use either PC-based software or embedded Web servers in panels, while with SaaS, everything is configured, updated and managed via cloud-computing and updates are automatic and not controlled by the user.”Web-based access control systems will continue to gain market acceptance, particularly in the Americas where there is a preference toward ‘out-of-the-box’ type solutions,” Kozak says. “In the long-term vendors offering flexible and adaptable solutions are likely to gain major traction as the market recovers and customers turn their attention to return on investment (ROI).”