GSMS Business Development Manager, Ian Meadows, confirms Gallagher has secured the prestigious project with Channel Partner Bond Communications and Regional Office Cardax Middle East. The project includes the provision of over 1300 Smartcard readers in 5 towers ranging from 59 to 88 storeys coupled with elevator and CCTV integration.  Etihad Towers will include a high-end hotel with a capacity of 600 rooms, as well as 900 residential apartments and 65,000 square meters of office space. Gallagher Security Management Systems is an established market leader of proven core security/access control and perimeter security systems, with a global distribution network. The last couple of years has seen Gallagher and its Cardax FT headline access control solution position itself as the arguably the world’s pre-eminent enterprise access control. As part of this growing status,  Gallagher Security Management Systems is to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Security strengthening the company’s position in a growing Asian market.GSMS representatives recently met with Institute of Professional Electronics & Mechanical Engineering Director, Mr Nguyen Thanh Bien, to discuss future security projects throughout Vietnam’s government divisions.Bien expressed his aspiration to become more familiar with Gallagher’s integrated security systems.   “We are keen to promote Gallagher’s full range of security technologies through our department and would like to take the partnership further.  We will sign a memorandum of understanding with Gallagher once a new 2.2km industrial zone test site is completed.” GSMS Business Development Manager, Karl Philbin explains that the site is still in construction mode but once completed will comprise an eight zone Trophy FT wall top PowerFence.