The realignment between Schneider Electric and Pelco “will allow us to better deliver security solutions, in addition to products,” said Kevin McCaughey, VP security solutions, Schneider Electric Buildings Business.The move follows the July 2010 announcement that former Pelco CEO Dean Meyer would become EVP of Buildings Business at Schneider Electric. At that time, Meyer noted that his former role at Pelco would not be replaced.Since July, “we have realigned the entire management structure of Pelco with the management structure of the buildings business,” said Herve Fages, VP global product marketing for Schneider Electric Building Business. Before the realignment, Fages’ title was Pelco chief marketing officer.Functions that were realigned include: sales, technical support, marketing, finance, manufacturing/logistics, and customer solutions. Now, there will be one point of contact for customers dealing with Schneider Electric building organization sales.“In the past, customers spoke to Schneider Electric if they wanted access control and they talked to Pelco if they needed cameras,” McCaughey said. Video and access control product marketing will now work together for better integration and to increase capabilities to deliver solutions. The result, he said, will be more support of for the systems integration channels, direct and indirect, with broader product offering, sales tools and common processes.“The R&D team inside Pelco and the R&D team inside Schneider Electric, will report to the same management. It’ll be more efficient and effective for customers,” McCaughey said.“This is really the destination this organization has been heading to since the acquisition of Pelco three years ago. Now we’re taking the next step.“Schneider Electric will be branded as one… and we’ll be [talking] about a solutions perspective on security that goes beyond video and access and intrusion and includes all sorts of integration,” McCaughey said.