Q: Where will Integrated Products be based and what is the spread of your operations?

A: We currently have offices in Sydney and Perth with the main distribution and logistics managed from the Sydney office.

Q: What’s the support been like from IndigoVision?

A: The support from the Asia Pacific team in particular is excellent. IndigoVision recently elevated Integrated Products to Elite Partner status which gives us priority for all support and repair services offered by IndigoVision, this in turn allows us to provide a better service for our value-added resellers.  

Q: Which part of IndigoVision’s broad product spread does your portfolio include? The range is extensive – will you handle it all? Will you only handle IndigoVision?

A: We supply and support the complete IndigoVision range and have recently added the Ingersoll Rand range of CCTV products which complements the Indigo Vision Solution as well as being able to supply solutions for small to medium DVR applications.

Q: High end networked surveillance systems running on networks need strong support from distributors – you’re not moving boxes. Tell us about your support capability – who’s on the team?

A: Our support manager is Nik Kulkarni who has a bachelor of computer engineering and very capabable in his role. When I first started the business I arranged for Nik to attend IndigoVision’s Head office in Edinburgh for extensive training and he is fully certified in the product suite. In WA we have Lee Petchell who is our Regional Support executive, Lee has been working with IndigoVision products since its introduction to Australia more than 6 years ago and is a great addition to the Integrated Products team.

Q: What about the existing installed base – will you be supporting end users and integrators with legacy solutions?

A: Our channel to market is through security integrators of which we now have in excess of 45 companies nationally registered with us, we provide full IndigoVision certified training to our VAR’s and can provide onsite support capabilities if required. After the Rexel Video closure we honoured all warranty claims for IndigoVision products that had been sold by the Rexel Business. 

Q: IndigoVision was one of the pioneers of IP Video when Oliver Vellacott founded the company way back in the mid 90’s. At that time even the most tech-savvy of us were still slugging away on 386 and 486-driven machines running Windows’ rudimentary 3.1.1 OS. Does this long history give IndigoVision an advantage when the product is compared to newcomers?

A: Absolutely, the efficiencies in the IndigoVision Compression algorithms make them one of the leaders in IP video technology and without doubt the Control Centre application is one of the most user friendly and powerful IP video software packages on the market.

Q: What do you think the ultimate shape of the networked surveillance industry is likely to be? Do you think it’s likely we’ll see software running on off-the-shelf hardware? On proprietary hardware? Both?

A: The biggest change happening in the IP Video market is the introduction of standard IP Protocols, the two types are ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) and PSIA (Physical Security Interoperability Alliance).IndigoVision supports both of these protocols which will give clients more choice in terms of camera. 

Q: Finally, You’ve been in the electronic security industry a long time but never as a business owner – you must be excited and thrilled by the process of planning and shaping and building a business of your own. How does it feel?

A: It really has been a dream come true, the biggest decision when deciding to start my own business was choosing the right technology, IndigoVision was an excellent choice both in terms of the technology and the level of support. And with the recent addition of the Perth branch we are really starting to get some traction in the Australian security market – so yes – it has been very rewarding.