ASSA ABLOY’s Aperio is a short distance wireless communication protocol
designed to link an online electronic access control system with an
Aperio enabled mechanical lock, allowing integrators to connect Aperio to existing online electronic access control system to provide end users with a simple and intelligent way of upgrading the controllability and security level of their premises. Now, the addition of Wiegand connectivity to Aperio by ASSA ABLOY in the UK, means Aperio can connect with most access control systems in that marketplace. According to ASSA ABLOY Access Control in the UK; “The great advantage of Wiegand is it enables customers that have invested in their access control systems to add more doors online through Aperio.“Furthermore, it doesn’t really matter which access control system is in place so long as it supports Wiegand connectivity. Having the option of adding more doors online without the traditional length of time and cost is a substantial benefit to the end user.“In addition, offering Wiegand with Aperio provides an all-in-one online, wireless security solution, which offers flexible access control that operates in real time with almost any access control system. This provides end users in a variety of market sectors with the ultimate way to improve safety, security and convenience.” Key benefits of Aperio include few components include easy installation with no changes to existing access control installation and extends existing access control system over a standard interface. There’s no separate management software, no change of cards, enhancement of security for internal doors, elimination of key management issues, authorization changes in real time, encrypted communication, and audit trails and time zones through existing system. ASSA ABLOY has not released Weigand-enabled Aperio onto the Australian market.