The award-winning, zero configuration Closed IPTV is designed to deliver the simplicity and security of a traditional CCTV installation in an IP environment. Each connected IP camera is locked down within a private area, and trusted IP end points created. This denies entry to those looking to use this as a route to hack into the wider corporate network. Also, from a practical perspective, there is no longer the frustration of having to manually assign individual IP addresses where mistakes can unwittingly introduce vulnerabilities.New products released by Dedicated Micros with built-in Closed IPTV compatibility include the latest SD Advanced DVR/NVR, the new CamVu500 camera, and the Layer 3 Enhanced CCTV Switch – that sits at the very heart of this new Closed IPTV solution – all available for demonstration now.Closed IPTV is more than just a simple discovery scheme offering little more than a custom DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration) server that updates system parameters, when the IP address is dynamically re-allocated, and no other system protection. Closed IPTV directly addresses controlled segregation of the IP CCTV system while, crucially, still allowing access as required direct to the cameras, for example, multicasting.”Our Closed IPTV is configured in a completely deterministic set-up which automatically maps each standard or HD resolution IP camera to a specific port on Dedicated Micros’ Layer 3 Enhanced CCTV Switch,” says Michael Coley, business manager (Australia), Dedicated Micros. “This provides greater security for less configuration effort than a conventional managed switch – and, in turn, to the corresponding camera input number on a hybrid DVR/NVR (Digital Video Recorder/Network Video Recorder). “This approach, combined with DM’s unique implementation of secure modes, means that, when it comes to IP video, we are confident that complete security of the IP endpoints can be achieved by end users with a single click – so preventing potentially damaging hacking attacks,” says Coley.”For the future we are certainly very excited by the prospects for Closed IPTV which represents a step change in approach to IP CCTV and has already been singled out for several awards, including at IFSEC 2010 and ASIS 2010. “Following a series of demonstrations, we are also starting to see customers world-wide, such as National Bank of Kuwait (NBK), signalling their intentions to deploy Closed IPTV in the very near future. We expect more system integrators in Australia and New Zealand to follow this lead given its simplicity and cost effectiveness. “Crucially, this approach stands up well against any cost benefit analysis as its secure elements can be readily integrated with existing IT infrastructure, so minimising initial set-up costs.”Distributor: Dedicated Micros Contact: 61 2 9634 4211