The innovative network products are the perfect solution for reliability and remote viewing, offering realistic high quality video streaming via a network. All that is required is a LAN connection and modem to access streams from any location with intuitive Centralised Management Software (CMS) allows a simple solution to build a fully integrated security system. Samsung has a hyperactive approach to accepting new technology demands and implementing them into their range of iPOLIS, redefining how crisp and detailed images are being delivered to users.Dual outputs (BNC & Ethernet) enable a simple and cost effective integration of upgrading from an existing analogue to IP system. With no cables being required to run from camera equipment back to the control room, allows for easy expansion if required. Intelligent Monitoring is provided through built in intelligent video analytic functions including Motion Detection, People Counting and Object Tracking.  Progressive scanning allows for the monitoring of moving objects without blur, while SNRIII/Motion Adaptive DNR eliminates noise thus generating a distinct and clear message. Samsung Super Dynamic Range (SSDR)/ Extended Dynamic Range (XDR) increases the level of visible detail in dark areas, while maintaining image clarity and detail in brighter portions of the recorded image and remote accessibility offers effective viewing over a wide range of equipment from PCs to smartphones.  The free iPOLIS mobile application, available on iPhone’s iOS and Google’s Android operating system are designed specifically for Samsung Techwin security network products.  The application allows you to view live video, audio out and control PTZ functions from your network cameras. It is password protected and can have a total of 32 operational cameras registered to it.Distributor: Q Video SystemsContact 61 3 9646 9016