According to Simmonds, he and Damjanovski have reviewed the ASIAL technical certification program and find that their ideas of CCTV certification do not appear to be well represented in the ASIAL technical certification program. “It is unfortunate that many in the security industry do not appear to understand that security is only a portion of the CCTV market,” said Simmonds. “There are many industries outside of the security industry which carry out design and installation of CCTV systems, most of which have nothing to do with security.“This obviously means that CCTV Certification and training should be open to many more industries than just the security industry and should be made available to individuals in other areas where CCTV is their business.”According to Simmonds, these issues have caused he and Damjanovski to reconsider their involvement with the ASIAL technical certification program and, while they have not withdrawn their services from the ASIAL Technical Certification program, they will now be fully supporting a CCTV training organisation with similar CCTV certification and training views to theirs.The CCTV training organisation, Tecsec Training is associated with Tavcom, an international CCTV and security training organisation in the UK. Tecsec Training is an accredited Tavcom training centre, offering award winning CCTV Training already available in the UK and around the world. Tecsec Training will progress CCTV training to Cert 3 and Cert 4 and their issued certificates will be internationally recognised. More information is available at