MANY of the new features in DVTel version 6.1 are focused on reducing deployment, maintenance and operation costs. Other features increase the user benefits in terms of enhanced security and monitoring possibilities, improved situational awareness and increased flexibility. 
Two of the most interesting features that contribute to cost savings are SNMP traps support which allow IT organization to subordinate Latitude to their standard (already deployed) Network Monitoring System (NMS) solution. There’s also background export – the ability to export recorded footage to secondary, cost effective, long term storage.  
For the end user, this version offers features like Advanced Alarm Management with color coding, map indications and salvo mode, easier access to a web-based Quick ControlCenter and improved usability. 
Version 6.1 continues to extend the Latitude integration tools galore: 
Web publishing – integration with common streaming servers (MMS and VLC), meta data infrastructure and OSD API.  

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