PANASONIC SmartHD IP products provide outstanding clear and sharp images, with intelligent features such as face recognition, all at a very competitive price. These i-PRO SmartHD IP products are ideal for retail, banks, education and many other applications, providing clear identification of perpetrators, through the megapixel quality of the cameras in the range. 
Users can migrate easily from existing analogue systems using the cost effective SmartHD encoder. Installation requires no PC, with a simple four-step installation to follow (via a setup wizard) to get the SmartHD network video recorder up and running in no time.
i-PRO SmartHD features high profile H.264 compression for high quality images and low storage requirements. The extensive range of new SmartHD cameras incorporate new camera sensors developed by Panasonic offering high sensitivity and low power consumption. 
The new i-Pro SmartHD cameras are all equipped with Panasonic’s proprietary platform UniPhier, and with their H.264 high profile format, high definition video transmission is made possible at up to an impressive 30 frames per second. This brings two immediate advantages from installing i-Pro SmartHD CCTV solutions in any environment. 
Firstly, a reduced total cost of ownership is achievable because existing secure IP networks can be used. Network data traffic created by CCTV content is squeezed through the high quality H.264 format, more video data can be transmitted down the same cables than before; so for new systems additional costly network cable infrastructure and the labour cost associated with installing it is substantially reduced. Further, new cables may not need to be run in order to support existing IP based systems such as computers or telephony equipment.
The second advantage is that the resulting images that are transferred from the camera and seen by the end user are of a crystal clear quality, with nearly one million pixels visible. With standard definition systems that produce lower quality images, small details such as clothing material, identifiable by observing textures, might not be present in the captured content. 
With small and subtle details like this acknowledged by security professionals and police around the globe as factors all too often critical to solving serious crime, i-Pro SmartHD brings more powerful tools to bear in the fight against crime. 
Further features which can additionally reduce bit rates and network bandwidth consumption include low burden image transmission, high quality 1/3rd MOS sensors, 3D Digital Noise Reduction to produce cleanest images possible and 0.3 Lux high sensitivity to replicate vivid colourful images.

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