OPERATING in both the domestic and international markets, Guardall NZ has a strong presence in the financial, commercial, retail and government sectors. The acquisition by Secom Australia Pty Ltd will enable the strengths and expertise of both companies to combine and deliver enhanced services and networks to Secom customers.
“Tthis acquisition strengthens Secom’s service delivery capabilities, and is a critical component of the company’s growth strategy which is driven by Secom’s desire to become the No 1 security provider in Australasia,” said Secom Australia’s managing director, Sam Rahim.
The acquisition is one in a series recently undertaken by Secom including its Canberra operations (Secom Technical Services – STS) which uniquely possess SCEC-endorsed products and cleared personnel to deliver project services to the Australian Federal Government and Defence Forces.
“This acquisition demonstrates Secom Co Ltd (Japan)’s confidence and continued commitment to investing in the region, with Australia and New Zealand being identified areas of strategic growth for the company,” said Secom Australia’s executive chairman, Toru Yokei.
Founded in 1962, Secom is a blue chip global security provider delivering quality services to high end clients in diverse industries and markets such as critical infrastructure (including airports and power plants), landmarks, industrial, commercial and retail properties.  
Secom is confident that collaborating with Guardall NZ Ltd, Secom will be a stronger player in the market place and thus further strengthening our brand as a world class operation.