BEING optimised for what DM calls Closed IPTV allows the CamVu500 to work seamlessly as part of a deterministic, zero configuration, IP video solution where it can be securely locked down within a private network, and set-up as a trusted endpoint, making it an ideal camera choice for those looking to adopt this approach to IP CCTV infrastructure for simplicity of set-up and to deter potentially damaging hacking attacks.
The outstanding low light capabilities of the CamVu500 are realised through the adoption of a state-of-the-art CMOS progressive scan sensor that provides exceptional low light performance which ensures that colour images can be produced even in dimly lit scenes, conditions which other solutions may find problematic.
By also having a specialised semiconductor (a Visual Signal Processor or ViSP) built in to the camera, effectively gives the CamVu500 the capabilities of an Enterprise level video server in a compact package at the edge of the network.
In practical terms this means that the CamVu500 is able to transmit multiple simultaneous MPEG-4 and/or JPEG images to any number of associated NetVu Connected devices for image viewing, with the potential for each stream to be tailored, ‘on-the-fly’, to suit the viewer’s bandwidth requirements.
Another attractive feature of the CamVu500 is the provision of a PoE (Power over Ethernet) injector, which basically means that power can be supplied to the camera on the same cable that is used for data transmission. For those looking to add extra functionality to their CCTV solution a feature of the CamVu500 which stands out is the fact that it is analytics capable. 
Essentially this means that, with the relevant license/unlock code, the latest intelligent video analytics solutions from Dedicated Micros such as Object Left/Removed, Detection Tripwire and Counting Tripwire can all be hosted locally on the camera.