The 1100 MITO mounts a unique 2×2 MIMO patch antenna and can be used to create point to point, point to multipoint, and mesh networks which is auto-configured by the inbuilt FluidMAX technology. The Tri-band radio operates on the 5GHz ISM band and modulates up to 300Mbps, with real throughput up to 100Mbps at the copper port.
Importantly the 1100 MITO employs Prodigy – Fluidmesh’s proprietary high performance intelligent transmission protocol, built to overcome the limits of standard license-free protocols and to deliver a wireless infrastructure with a higher level of reliability and especially for IP video transport. Prodigy transmits all IP-compatible traffic including video, data and voice. 
At the base of Prodigy’s innovative transmission protocol is a traffic optimization algorithm that allows all Fluidmesh devices to assign a specific level of priority and reliability to every packet transmitted. 
This process allows the wireless network to automatically adjust its transmission parameters based on the type of traffic transmitted. The overall result is a better, more reliable, multi-service wireless infrastructure.
The 1100 MITO is based on the innovative FluidThrottle technology which allows the user to limit the total cost of ownership of the wireless network by paying only for the amount of bandwidth required. Additional throughput can be easily achieved by upgrading the system with software plug-ins in case the bandwidth requirements increase over time. 
Distributor: Pacific Communications