According to FSH’s Marc Bindner, the new MEM2400EXT is designed specifically for retail applications where it can be installed on emergency exits to provide egress delay functions and give video footage of incidents. The MEM2400EXTS is equipped with a sounder function, while the MEM2400EXTC includes an integrated surveillance camera. 
“This solution is very popular and a couple of large retailers are installing hundreds of these locks – we have sold 500-700 in the last 12 months,” Bindner explains.
The MEM2400EXT includes magnetic and mechanical locking functions and achieves a holding force of 100kg yet is 75 per cent smaller than a conventional 600kg electromagnetic lock. The lock can handle up to 70kg of side pressure (pre-load) and it’s equipped with a 2-stage early warning alarm, a light panel, a local internal sounder and an optional CCTV camera. 
The early warning alarm is both local and remote and is designed to detect, deter and record unauthorised exit attempts. It operates in 2 stages with stage 1 triggered on initial pressure being applied to a door in the form of an audible local alarm. Initial pressure can be set between 0 and 3 seconds. 
Stage 2 is triggered after this initial pressure and activates both local and remote alarm indications. At this time the MEM2400EXT will release the door with an optional time delay of 0, 15 or 30 seconds. The feature will also initiate local CCTV recording of the incident for future reference. 
“The problem for retailers is that shoplifters grab something, run out the back door and are never seen again,” Bindner says. “What the MEM2400EXTC does is resist these sorts of attacks by delaying egress while providing the security team video footage of the event. 
“The delays are over-ridden if there’s an evacuation or an emergency that requires fire egress but if someone is simply trying to run out the door with stolen items, the door will respond with secure egress and will not release. 
“Instead it will activate a local alarm, initiate a remote alarm to warn security staff, activate camera recording of the shoplifter and then it will release after a selectable delay. The idea is to encourage the shoplifter to panic, drop the items and walk away from the door thanks to the delayed egress.” 
The camera is right on the lock and when the alarm is activated they look up and the camera identifies them. It’s a very clever and proactive solution to an old and expensive problem. 
Fact file:
Features of the MEM2400EXT include:
* Egress delay function and early warning alarm
* Slimline design
* Holding force of 1000kg, sideload 70kg
* Dual voltage 12/24VDC with 24V/140mA draw
* 1-year warranty
* 4-hour fire rated
* CCTV video function and security timer
* Monitoring lock status and door status sensors
* Light panel.