WITH effortless, analogue-like 4-stage set up and intuitive operation, the WJ-NV200 is designed for ease of use. The built-in decoder eliminates the need for a PC; reducing the total cost of ownership and removing time and complication from operation.
The WJ-NV200 also has a strong capability to support security professionals with suspect identification as it supports HDMI at Full-HD image resolution with around four times the picture clarity of standard definition images. 
Compatible with Panasonic’s latest i-Pro SmartHD cameras,the WJ-NV200 also makes it possible to apply real time face matching technology which optimises the detection of suspects. Face matching essentially becomes like another set of eyes monitoring cameras, freeing up more security personnel time to perform other tasks and helping create a more efficient security operation.
In line with Panasonic’s Eco Ideas and environmental innovation, the SmartHD cameras feature a new ‘MOS’ sensor which provides low power consumption, thus the the SmartHD solution provides a intelligent answer to further reduce cost, improve environmental performance whilst maximising security. Simply put, WJ-NV200 is a smarter security solution.
According to Pacific Communications’ Kieron McDonough, recordings are at 1.3MP and in real time at 30ips for all 16 Panasonic SmartHD cameras. 
“Compared to CIF quality, 1.3MP performance has 12x greater number of pixels,” McDonough explains. “Another strong feature of the NV200 is the Easy Start installation wizard which can be as quick as 90 seconds making life very easy for installers. 
“Multi-recorder, Multi-site systems can be facilitated using optional WV-ASM100 i-PRO management software. This WV-ASM100 software offers full functionality and supports maps.”

Key features

The core features of the Panasonic WJ-NV200 include H.264, MPEG-4 and JPEG multi format, connection of up to 16 network cameras, quick setup by automatic camera detection and simple setup wizard without the use of PC. Meanwhile, referenced recording days are automatically calculated by frame rate, image quality and HDD capacity.
There’s simple mouse operation by new GUI without the use of PC, quick intuitive search with calendar and timeline, live images from up to 16 cameras displayed simultaneously and support for Full HD output (HDMI) that can display recorded images and live images in high definition. There’s Real Time Face Matching function by matching registered face images with a face displayed on live images with face matching alarm. 
Camera Controls include Pan/Tilt, Zoom, Focus, Brightness, Preset Position, Auto mode (depending on camera model) and audio from the i-PRO network cameras can be recorded and played back at G.726 (ADPCM) 32 kbps. Flexible Playback Controls include Goto Date and Goto Last. 
There’s a range of display modes including: Spot, Multiscreen (4/16 split screen display and 3/6/9/16 split screen display on a full screen). Recording Modes include schedule, event such as VMD (Pre/Post), there’s a filtered search using Time & Date, Event Type, Camera number and Timeline, while recorded images can be downloaded to a PC. Meantime, downloadable viewer software allows playback of images downloaded from the Recorder.
A built-in network interface (10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T) allows recording and client access and up to 2 clients can monitor image and control a WJ-NV200 simultaneously. When it comes to user authentication, there are 3 user levels and there’s also user level – camera partitioning setup for user management of up to 16 user registrations.

Fact file:

Features of the Panasonic WJ-NV200 include:
* Record and view up to sixteen 1.3MP cameras
* Recording is at 30ips per channel 
* Compatible with H.264/MPEG-4 and JPEG compression
* Automatic camera detection and simple set-up
* Connect a Full HD monitor directly to the back of the WJ-NV200
* Record Video and Audio
* Web browser built-in for remote viewing and downloading
* VMD detection
* Intuitive search with calendar and timeline
* Two hard drives can be installed
* Spot output available for an analogue monitor.