With initial research and funding assistance from New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, the Hamilton-based company with more than 1000 staff worldwide has aligned all business units and market products under one name, Gallagher. Deputy CEO, Steve Tucker says for market consistency Gallagher had to move away from the many brands in its stable.   
“We were divisionally structured with Security Management Systems, Animal Management and PEC Fuel Pumps and each division owned various product brands. It encouraged individuality between divisions and sub-cultures within our organisation. Most importantly our customers were confused about who we are and what we stand for.
“We’re moving to a clear and simple brand structure which shows we all work for the same company. We’re enhancing each other’s message instead of diluting it. We have transitioned our global website and our emails to reflect the single brand. Our website is now Gallagher dot co and everyone’s email address is at Gallagher dot co.”
Tucker admits for many staff, the change has been challenging.  
“They have identified with individual sub brands for nearly 20 years but a brand is more than just physical things or logos. For a brand to survive it has to be part of our everyday culture and our work environment to ensure we deliver on the brand promises we make.”
Tucker says this is what they call doing things “The Gallagher Way” and he explains there have already been a number of operational changes on-site to accompany the new strategy.
“Our implementation of lean manufacturing is an example of coming up with brilliant ideas delivered simply while our R&D teams have redesigned their work environment to improve team collaboration and communication.  
“At Gallagher we want to redefine what’s possible for our customers. Our products allow them to do things they didn’t think possible, to add new value to their business, and to create new opportunities.”