The consolidated single-management interface provides a coherent and efficient way to view and control an unlimited number of cameras, giving situational awareness for quick response and accurate investigation. Quick and easy to set up and manage, XProtect Enterprise includes system configuration wizards and auto-detection of hardware to significantly reduce the time and cost of deploying large security installations.
“XProtect Enterprise 8 features the Camera Navigator, an industry-exclusive innovation from Milestone,” says Lars Gudbrandsson, head of product management at Milestone Systems. “Moving objects are easily tracked with the Camera Navigator for consistent and comprehensive visual verification to ensure easy object tracking in geographically complex security locations.”
XProtect Enterprise 8 provides situational awareness. Alarms are consolidated from all security devices and systems into the video-enabled Alarm Manager for immediate visual verification of alarms, which decreases the number of false alarms. Interactive, multi-layered maps provide a comprehensive overview of cameras and layouts of an entire surveillance installation, for fast detection of trouble areas.
Daily operations are easily executed through the XProtect Smart Client, which provides instant access to live and recorded video, with interface options in 26 languages. The new XProtect Smart Client also comes with support for 64-bit operating systems to enhance performance of the system. It is delivered with the XProtect Smart Client-Player, an intuitive new video viewer for exported material from XProtect VMS systems. 
The open architecture of XProtect, together with the Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit (MIP SDK), brings endless possibilities to add functionality and create increasingly powerful, new surveillance solutions. Milestone XProtect acts as the core of the system, providing the widest choice in third-party hardware components and integrations with other business systems – a foundation that is cost effective and flexible.