IT remains to be see how the market will take to new Lockwood 001 Touch but the product deserves success and it looks to be a very clever application of the latest technology to a chassis that is common to the majority of homes and small commercial businesses in Australia and New Zealand. There must be millions of doors secured with the Lockwood 001 deadlock. 
As a solution the Lockwood 001 Touch incorporates an electronic touch screen lock with the security of the 001 Deadlock and users can use either a security PIN code or a 125kHz prox card to unlock doors, eliminating the need for multiple mechanical keys and retaining the flexibility to change the code at any time. 
The capacitive touch keypad has no mechanical buttons that means no wear and tear and no trace of PIN codes with can be 4-12 digits in length. You can program up to 20 swipe cards into a lock and have the ability to remove them individually. Although the door can be opened from the outside electronically, users are able to deadlock the 001 touch from the inside with a key and a LockAlert indicator will indicate red when in this state. 
Power is provided by 4 x AA batteries which will unlock the door at least 12,000 times and the Outdoor weather resistant keypad is impervious to heat, cold, rain or dust. In the event your battery goes flat you have two battery contact points that fit a standard 9V battery, you can place the battery here and power the lock temporarily to enter your pin or card.   
A Master code gives users or installers the ability to add and delete users with a pin or card. For commercial applications there’s a time-based user code that gives the ability to program a code that may last from 12 – 366 hours. This is ideal when a plumber or an electrician requires access. The process is simple – you program the code and the duration you would like it to last.   
In operation once the correct code or card is presented, the lock will remain unlocked for 5 seconds and will lock automatically when the 5 seconds expire. To prevent others from identifying a pin code during access, a cryptic code function confuses the onlooker but at the same time allows you to still gain entry. Cardholder details are non volatile and all user codes and settings remain if batteries are removed or run flat. The settings, codes and key cards also remain programmed in the lock in the event the batteries are depleted.
The 001 is a surface-mounted RIM product that is secured to the door with 6 fasteners. The strike plate (keeper) is secured to the door frame with 5 fasteners. The use of this many fasteners significantly increases the strength of both door application and frame/jamb preventing the door from being kicked open.
Tested in accordance with AS4145.2-2008, 001 Touch is simple to operate and classically designed, and this electronic version of the iconic 001 is likely to be highly attractive for those desiring simple but effective access control for domestic and small commercial applications. 

“Lockwood 001 Touch looks to be a very clever application of robust and prove electronic technology to a chassis that is common to the majority of homes and small commercial businesses in Australia and New Zealand”