Having Bosch IVA pre-activated makes life simpler for installers and operators alike. It is no longer necessary to buy separate licenses and go online to register and activate each IVA-equipped camera. It takes less time to configure, reducing installation effort and cost. And the more cameras you have, the more you save.
For operators, cameras equipped with Bosch IVA present a major asset to overall surveillance, supporting security personnel with a powerful and efficient event detection and alarm system. Working independently on each camera, Bosch IVA offers a wide variety of advanced detection functions including head detection, trajectory tracking, perimeter detection, loitering and many more.
Events are flagged on-screen in real-time so that operators never miss suspicious activities. The comprehensive data captured by Bosch IVA can also be stored along with the video for later review with Bosch Forensic Search. This gives operators the power to find any event – even those not originally set up as alerts.

Distributor: Bosch Security Systems