Austin and Barcock will be responsible for the pre-sales support of customers and channel partners in the Australia-New Zealand region. This news comes on the heels of the recent distribution deals that Tyco Security Products struck with Q-Video (QR Sciences Security Ltd.) and BGW, Inc.  Both companies will become the sole distributors of various Tyco brands.
Q-Video (QR Sciences Security) is now the sole distributor for three of Tyco’s world-class brands:  American Dynamics video management solutions, DSC intrusion and alarm systems, and Kantech access control and event management solutions. Meanwhile, BGW Inc, headquartered in Sydney, is now the sole distributor of Software House access control and event management, including both the C-CURE 800 and C-CURE 9000 platforms. 
As an umbrella division that houses multiple, world-renown electronic security brands, Tyco Security Products has been able to harness the power within through the true integration of its various platforms.  A market for these solutions has clearly been found in Australia.
John Becker, general manager of Asia-Pacific for Tyco Security Products, announced, “With the jump in our Australia revenue, we want to make sure that we are appropriately staffed to meet the needs of our customers and channel partners.  With the addition of Nicole and Jason, as well as the new agreements with Q-Video and BGW, we are now capable of supporting this new demand.”
The new distribution deals fulfill the voice-of-customer requirements that Becker has been hearing from the Australian customers and consultants for more localized support.  According to Tyco, it provides more feet-on-the-street, as well as local stocking of products, technical support and repair/warranty operations.
“The demand for our American Dynamics video solutions and our Software House and CEM access control solutions has been tremendous over the past eighteen months, we are excited about the increase in business for us in Australia, as well as New Zealand,” Becker said.
“We always look at China and India as the Asia-Pac growth markets, however, for us, the Australian and New Zealand markets are also proving to be growth markets.”