“Frankly, I was very surprised that so many companies had so many problems with their security cameras,” said Reg King CEO of ABT Security Systems.”
“This isn’t just small businesses either. Some of the cameras we assessed are within major corporate, retail and warehousing sites. Certainly businesses you would expect had better control over their security systems.” 
Many of the problems found with the security cameras were not major issues in and of themselves, but point to a wider malaise within both security companies and business.
“Putting it simply, most people and companies don’t really give a second thought about security once they have any form of security system installed, until it is too late,” said King.
The problems assessed included cameras simply not working at all, insufficient video storage capacity, poor image quality, poor camera placement and inaccurate date and time synchronisation. 
“Our advice is for all companies is to conduct a comprehensive security assessment,” said Reg King.